Discover the #WearYou collection

Wear your Independence.

We think you should wear you, not everyone else.

Every label on Bédoux is independent. Every order ships from their studio. Every connection supports independent designers around the world – from New York to Paris, Muscat to Marrakech. Our labels create high-quality, timeless pieces in limited quantities, so you can always #wearyou.

Wear art.

Unique and Curated. Just like you.

Art is at the core of our collection, because art is at the core of fashion. We do the hard work to curate unique indie labels, select their most artistic pieces, and share their stories with you. We do this so that each piece you wear is a work of art in its own right.

Meet the Labels
Wear Ethical.

It's always the simplest choice.

There’s a lot that we want to say here (but we’ll keep it short). We want to make it easy to support local. Maintain transparency. Avoid big factory exploitation. And care for the environment while we do so. That’s why every piece on Bédoux is made, ordered and delivered from around the world without ever disadvantaging our labels, their producers, or you.

The team.

We're a handful of curators, collectors and techies scattered around the world, searching for art in indie fashion. We believe style and self expression always go together and that's why we handpick the unique, the rare, the exclusive and deliver it to you in one signature collection.

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